Privacy Pass

We finally got around to releasing Privacy Pass yesterday. I guess the tweet below will probably be my most successful ever in terms of twitter metrics (maybe that's sad? I don't know).

It's been great to have had the chance to work on such an interesting project. It would not have been possible without the initial idea/significant amount of code that was written by both George and Filippo. It was also pretty great of Cloudflare to take me on and allow me to work on this during my internships. Also, Ian has been a constant source of knowledge regarding the protocol as a whole (and DLEQ proofs even more so), it has been really helpful getting his advice on this stuff.

Privacy Pass isn't finished yet, there may even be better ways of implementing the protocol that we use. I hope by releasing the extension now, and all the code and everything else, that other people can help us to grow support and also aid the development process. In other words, I'm still relatively new to JS and Chrome extensions, send help.

It's also been nice to see the positive reaction from the Crypto community. I've been straying away from my theoretical home with this project -- let me know what you think.

This sounds a bit like a speech at an awards ceremony, sorry. I guess the hardest work starts now in getting more long-term support for the project going.