back at cloudflare (and other stuff)

i'm back at cloudflare

I'm back in the Crypto team at Cloudflare's London office for the next ~3 months.

If you didn't already know I spent some time there last year working on a protocol for bypassing CAPTCHAs on a load of sites for Tor and VPN users.

(George Tankersley gave a talk at RWC this year if you're interested, though the cryptographic design has changed significantly since then.)

I'm not gonna miss the 3hr round-trip to commute to RHUL -- but I'm planning on checking eprint every day if this counts for staying on top of current research?

other stuff

  • I've been respiring; both during physical exercise and throughout periods of relative inactivity (e.g. sleeping/watching robocop).

  • Went to New Zealand, as promised, and presented work that I published with Carlos Cid at ACISP 2017. There were 7 people in the room.

  • Also, ran up a volcano at a pace indistinguishable from an average walk (check my strava).

  • Ruined (cryptographically) some work that I was doing with Martin Albrecht for about a year (lol). I only save cryptanalysis for my own work...

  • Celebrated the end of May, sponsored by Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Renewed my letsencrypt certificate for the charred remains of the raspberry pi that still clings to life in order to serve this website. I hear it's wailing death throes when the silence of night takes hold.

  • Sent my rhul laptop to an early grave via some sort of ssd fault. It had all my ssh keys on it and so I believe that I'm sort of fucked now.