paper at ACISP 2017

yeah, the rumours are true.

My supervisor and I have had some work lying low for a while that is finally gonna make it into the mainstream at ACISP 2017 (Auckland, NZ). It's spent well over a year in the submission/rejection process but after 4 iterations I'll finally be hitting the road, paper in hand, taking the ~30 hour trip to New Zealand. I'll be there 27/06 - 06/07 so let me know what I can do to pass < 2 weeks in NZ.

The paper is called "An Efficient Toolkit for Computing Private Set Operations" and I've written an implementation of the work in Go at If you're interested in the written piece itself then you can go here to read it.

Finally, 999 NZ dollars to register as an author?! Doesn't seem like there is much hope out there for underfunded researchers...